Monday, August 3, 2015

July 27 & August 2, 2015

We were out of town last week and I didn't ever get Mason's e-mail from last week on the blog - so here are the e-mails from last week and today.

July 27 

Hey Mom things are going pretty good. So this is just the start of week three of moves so the next call will be on August 16. It is crazy to think that I am almost half way done with my mission. But one day I was bored and worked it out and if I worked it out right I will be coming home August 9th or around then, I was a bit trunky that day. 

But this week was alright. On Tuesday after district meeting I went on exchanges with a new member of the district Elder Salazar, who has been speaking Chinese his whole mission until now. We did some finding and talked to a Nigerian family that bishop and his wife have been planing to have us teach so we will be seeing them soon. 

Wednesday we did some yard work for a member her name is Gail and she is really cool. She always makes us really good fried rice. Then after that we went to a little town called Nairn,which is an hour bus ride away. We saw that one lady I told you about a few weeks ago Marie Ann. But this time we got to see her less active boyfriend, who came to church on Sunday, so we are going to start seeing them about once a week. But after that I learned how much I hate seagulls. So we missed our bus so we had to wait for an hour for the next one, and there was a chippy at the bus stop. So we went and got some chips, and as we where walking back to the bus shelter Elder Carter turns and says "watch out" so I turn just as a seagull swoops at my head so we book it. Then as we were eating, a few more seagulls gathered and we realized one of us is going to need to go to the trash can. Well I finished first so I went to throw my trash away then I turn back and Elder Carter was throwing chips in my direction so seagulls are swooping in so I book it over again. It was pretty funny though. 

Thursday after weekly planing we went and had a district leader study and then we were walking through town to the bus to go tracting when one older lady handing out flyers for her church started to bash with us. She kept on saying how the bible is all there is but she was just contradicting herself like crazy and at one point she said she wanted to smack us in the head. But then we just needed to end it so we bore testimony and walked away leaving her all red in the face. But that took up like an hour so we didn't have a whole lot of time so we walked back to the flat had dinner then went back to the church for Ninjitsu class that our ward mission leader does. So that was really fun. 

Friday I was on exchanges with Elder Rogers. It was alright and we did some service at the charity shop. Then did some knocking but didn't really get anything there. Then we had to go back to exchange back so they could get on a bus in time to get back to his area. So that was Friday. 

Saturday the ward was having a beach party at Nairn beach. That was really fun I got a video of the young mens President, Adam, running into the sea to tackle the bishop, and we had quite a bit of fun there. That pretty much took up the whole day so we didn't do much after. 

Sunday after church we went to the Sutherlands for dinner which was really fun. Afterwards we went with Bro. Sutherland to visit some people in the ward, he is the Elders Quorum president. So that finished up our week so things are going pretty good here. Love and miss you guys. 
August 2

Hey Mom so this week was pretty fun. Last week we emailed early cause it was Elder Carters birthday and a member from Glasgow came up and took us out to lunch at a place called Beef Eater (a BBQ place), that place is so good. And after that we went and Elder Carter did some birthday shopping. Then we went to a member's house, Gail, for dinner which is always a lot of fun but we missed the last bus so we had to walk about four miles back to the flat. Our phone has an odometer on it so we turned it on and found out that from our flat to the town center is about 2 miles. So we walk at least 4 miles each way.   

Tuesday another member, this time from Edinburgh, came and took us out to Beef Eater for lunch. And we spent most of the day there.   

Wednesday we blitzed our area with the team from Thurso. I was with an Elder from South Africa, he is a bit odd but still cool. Not much happened we just tracted and then we got him and his companion on a bus and then had ward council. 

Thursday we went to the church so Elder Carter could do Eye of Faith. It's what President Donaldson uses for moves planing and who could become leaders. Then we went back to the flat had lunch and then did weekly planing. Then we went to dinner with the Sutherlands who are awesome. Then we went to the Ninjitsu class which was good cause it was all nonmembers there. 

Friday we had to go to Elgin for District Leader Council. And the DL's companions which was me and two others we went and taught a lesson to some of Elgins investigators. But afterward we had some fun - a few Elders started doing side flips. Then we went to KFC for lunch. Then we had to drive for 2 hours, cause of traffic, to give Invergordon their car back. Then they drove us back and then Elder Carter took a DL study. 

Saturday we had service at British Heart again which is always fun. Then we went and did sports with the young men and Elder Carter had another DL study since we where at the church then we had to cut our grass so that was it for Saturday. 

Sunday after church we went to bishop's house for lunch and he invited over a family from Utah that are on vacation here. Lunch was really good and fun. Then after, we went and knocked the bishop's small neighborhood then we went around and visited some less actives with him for the rest of the day. 

Love and miss you guys.  

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