Monday, August 24, 2015

August 24, 2015

Mason made it safely to Dublin this last week and is now in his new area - here is the e-mail we got today . . .
So to start off, on Monday I saw the members of Inverness I could and said good bye to them it has been the hardest ward to leave by far! But we have a place to stay when we visit Scotland after I am home. The Martin-Thiers said we can stay with them, so you will need to become friends with the mom, Louise. 

So how traveling went was we had to leave Inverness by 2 on Tuesday to get to Aberdeen by 5. Then we got on a train to Edinburgh. There where plenty of other missionaries with me, including Elder Penmen (I asked him if he knew Elder Penman because he is a friend of Bryn's new roommate at Utah State). I met him my first transfer he was trained by my mission Grandpa so he is my mission Uncle. But once we got to Edinburgh we got picked up and taken to the Chinatown flat where we stayed the night with about 15 other missionaries - it was packed. Then we got up got on a bus to Strenrear, that was about 3 hours, and then the ferry was about another 3 hours, then we got on another bus in Belfast for 3 hours, then we got off at the Dublin bus station. Elder Barton (one of the other missionaries that went to Cottonwood) was there. Then I met my new companion Elder Kinville who is really cool. We get along really well. Then we got to the flat and that was the day. 

Thursday we went to Pizza Hut and weekly planned. They have a buffet so we go and eat there while we weekly plan it's pretty sweet. Then we went and taught one of the sisters' investigators named Robin. 

Friday we went by a guy who got confirmed yesterday just to see how he was doing and if he would be there on Sunday. Then we went and met with another investigator named Marcin. He is from Poland and he is a personal trainer so we worked out with him and I threw up. So that was fun and I am still sore. Then we saw another investigator named Daniel who is interesting. He studies metaphysics and he believes he is, what he calls, a level one indigo child which means he was reincarnated for a special purpose. Then he said we are also level one indigo children . . .so that's fun. 

Saturday we saw some more investigators. There are to many to write about, but it was a busy day. 

Sunday we had church then after we went to a dinner appointment with a member from the states who is pretty cool. His name is Brother Nielson. The ward seems pretty cool from the people I met and talked to. 

So that was this week. So far I'm not a big fan of Dublin. But Inverness ruined me for sites. When we where at Bro. Nielson's one of the sisters told us to look at the great view - he lives in a flat in a big tall building, and it was just city everywhere. I'm not much a fan of that view but things are going pretty good so far. Love and miss you guys. 

These are some pictures he sent with some of the ward members in Inverness - 


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