Monday, August 31, 2015

August 31, 2015

This is the e-mail we got from Mason today . . .

Hey Mom - This week has been pretty good and crazy. Elder Kinville is awesome he is so cool, and yes we will be going to Pizza Hut every Thursday for weekly planing.

So this week on Tuesday we had district meeting but we all met at the stake center with a bunch of other teams and the senior couple made us all lunch so we all got to hang out with each other for lunch. After, I went on exchanges with the district leader Elder MacFarlane, who is really cool - I've known him for a while. He was sick so we had to stay in the flat almost the whole day, but it was raining really hard so it wasn't too bad.

Wednesday we went and visited a member who is interesting to say the least. But we realized we will not be visiting him again (I asked Mason why they wouldn't be visiting him again and he said they think he is probably schizophrenic). Then we saw our investigator Daniel, the one who is really into metaphysics, and that ended up being about two hours cause he just talks. That finished up the day. 

Thursday after weekly planing we met with another investigator named Nubea from Brazil. Then we went and had dinner at a members house; his name is Reynaldo from the Philippines. For dinner he gave us each a whole chicken which was pretty awesome. 

Friday we did some service at a members house and then we went and met another investigator named Marcin, he is from Poland and is a personal trainer so we work out with him. It is pretty crazy what he has us do but it is also fun. Then we just GQed (street contacting) the rest of the day and had dinner. 

Saturday we had breakfast at Reynaldo's then went to work out with Marcin again which was even more intense than the day before. Then after dinner we went and met with another investigator named Damien who is just really cool and fun to chat with. 

Sunday after church we went and visited a member who just got out of the hospital really quick. Then we went to a members house, Bro. Neilson from the states, for dinner then we went and had a lesson with Marcin and his family that went really well.

So that was my crazy week of running around Dublin. Love and miss you guys. 

I got Mason's Dublin address last week and I have been trying to find it on Google maps but it took me a while to finally find it - so here is a picture of his flat (I sent this picture to him and he told me that yes this is the building where he lives).

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