Monday, June 29, 2015

June 29, 2015

Here is the e-mail we got from Mason today.

So this week not to much happened. The less active lady we were teaching and her boyfriend we pretty much dropped cause they canceled on us and wouldn't come to church so we will see them when they make contact.

Monday we just walked around, I got a new tartan tie. It is the Scotland Forever tartan Bryn would really like it cause its mostly purple.

Tuesday we had district meeting, then I went on exchanges with one of the missionaries who goes home in a week. Everyone around me is "dying". We pretty much just knocked doors all day.  Wednesday we did some service for a member for a little bit then had dinner then ward council so that was our day. Thursday after weekly planing I can't really remember what we did.

Friday we had District Leader council in the morning so it was a bit of driving to get there. Then we went to an American diner here in Inverness with the Zone Leaders. Then we had to drive to Invergordan to give them the car back. Then we had a ward activity. We watched "Meet the Mormons" which I thought was really cool and really good.

Saturday we did service in the morning at a charity store. Then we played sports with the youth. Elder Carter had to go to Aberdeen to get a temple recommend interview from President Brown so he went down with the Elder I went on exchanges with and I stayed here with his companion then we had to mow our grass so that took up the rest of the night. 

Sunday we had church which was good then after all four of us, since Elder Carter was back up here by then, went to our bishops house for a late lunch. We went back to the flat and after getting everything dropped off me and Elder Carter realized how tired we were so we went to take a 15 minute break and we woke up an hour later. Then we went and did some tracting nothing really came of that. But then we went and cleaned out the area book and made some calls to former investigators and we have like four appointments set up for next week. We will also be taking Invergordans car on Tuesday and going to the Isle of Skye. An area seventy gave President Brown a referral from there so President told us to get out there soon.  So next week is going to be really good. Love and miss you guys.

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