Monday, June 22, 2015

June 22, 2015

Here is Mason's e-mail from this week. We also got an e-mail from one of the senior couples in Scotland/Ireland and they sent us some pictures they had taken of Mason, which was a nice surprise! I posted their message and pictures at the end of Mason's e-mail.

So this week not too much happened here. So right now the only people we are teaching is the less active member and her boyfriend So that is pretty much it. We really don't have any time for tracting because we are either walking to some thing or waiting on the bus, everyone keeps on saying we need a car but that most likely won't happen since the mission is losing nine cars! I haven't heard from the Austins at all but Peter emails me every week and I will need to ask elder Perkins to send me pictures from his baptism. And I am just fine from drinking from Loch Ness - that was actually some of the best tasting water ever! And now I am immortal.
So not much has happened this week Loch Ness was awesome and we got two dinners that day. The member who took us to Loch Ness also took us to dinner then dropped us off at another, recently reactivated, members house and they fed us as well. Tuesday after district meeting I went on exchanges with Elder Roger's companion Elder Stobbs but at loch Ness I kinda messed up my ankle on a broken step so we had to stay in all day on Tuesday.

Wednesday we exchanged back and went to the less active and her boyfriend and taught them. Then we went shopping cause we didn't have time on Monday. Then we went gorge walking with the young men that was way fun. The young men in this ward are cool.

Thursday we did weekly planing and not much else happened the rest of the day.

Friday we went and helped in the tennis court again. Then we went to the hospital and visited a member and her mom there. That was really all that happened.

Saturday we played sports with the young men at the church and that was really the big thing we did not do much else.

Sunday we had church and then after that we went Adam and Rose's (the young men's president and his wife) for lunch after church - that went a bit long but they are so much fun. Then Elder Carter took a District Leader study and we had dinner so not much happened this week.

This is a link to a short video of Mason drinking water at Loch Ness - Loch Ness Video
(This is a link to a file in my Dropbox so when you click on the link if you get a box that says you have to create an account or sign in to Dropbox, just click on the "X" to close the box and you will be able to watch this video without creating an account or signing in to your account.)

This is the e-mail with the pictures we got from the Brother and Sister Hale - the senior couple in Mason's mission. They actually met Mason when he was on exchanges with Elder Rogers, his companion from Cumbernauld who is now in Mason's district. So the other missionary in the pictures is Elder Rogers not Mason's companion now.

Dear Wynder family,

My husband and I are senior missionaries in the Scotland/Ireland mission.  We spent the first eight months of our mission in the highlands of Scotland (currently serving in Cork, Ireland) and had the opportunity to return and visit our wonderful friends from the three branches where we served.  We were able to spend a morning with Meg MacDonald of the Invergordon Branch as well as Elders Wynder and Rogers.  We all walked in  Meg's beautiful fields with her three dogs and her pet lamb Humphrey!  It was so good to be back with her again.  We enjoyed the company of Elder Wynder and his companion also. I'm attaching a few photos in this email and one other so as not to overwhelm the capacity of your server.  Cheers!

Sister Sandra and Elder Brent Hale

And here are a couple more pictures from Cumbernauld that Mason uploaded but I somehow missed - I think the first picture is Peter (the man they taught in Cumbernauld that got baptized right after Mason was transferred). And the other picture is a family in the Cumbernauld ward.

And one last link to another video of Mason giving a tour of his flat in Cumbernauld - Cumbernauld Flat Video

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