Monday, June 1, 2015

June 1, 2015

Mason is now in Inverness (northern Scotland in the Highlands) and here is his e-mail from today . . . I didn't get it until about 7:30 a.m. our time which is about 2:30 p.m. his time - a little later than normal.

So we went to email at the library earlier today, but after a half hour the computer logs you off and you have to log back on so when I had to do that it wouldn't let me back into my email. So after shopping we walked to the church and are emailing now.

Here is what I have done this past week. Monday I packed up and said good by to some members. That is all for Monday.

Tuesday we saw Peter in the morning, and he did get baptized on Saturday and I am sad I missed it. Then the rest of the day was making sure I had everything, then Teresa took us out to dinner at McDonalds.

Wednesday it was a lot of traveling, we got a bus right outside the Cumbernauld flat to Glasgow and then went to the train station and met up with everyone else traveling to Aberdeen. After about a three hour train ride I got picked up by Elder Carter and Elder Rogers and Elder Stobbs since they have a car and then it was a three hour car ride up to Inverness. When we got to Inverness we did a bit of shopping then had ward council. 

Thursday we did weekly planing. Then we went over to a families' house for dinner and to help them with a project they are working on. So in their huge backyard there is a tennis court that was just overgrown like crazy so Elder Carter and his last companion did a lot of work on it and there still needs to be a lot done. But the family is awesome.

Friday we went to do some try by's and did some tracting. When we asked someone who had moved into a less actives house if she knew any one around who was a member she said that the guy in a house just up the road was a member of the church. So we go up and a man named John answers the door and lets us in. Turns out he is a minister for another church just down the road. But we taught him the restoration, he told us his views on religion but he said we are more then welcome to come over again. So that was interesting. Then later on we went and did a quick fireside at the young men's camp which was really fun. The youth in the ward are so cool. Then the young men's president and his wife gave us a lift back to the flat and on the way back we stopped at this little place and got some donner calzones which were really good (I had to look up what this is but it is just a calzone with kebab meat). 

Saturday we did some service at a charity shop in town and we were organizing the CD's and one of the DVD's caught my eye it was the movie Work and the Glory so I got it for less then a pound that was sweet. We didn't do much else that day.
Sunday we had church and the ward is really cool. Then the rest of the day was really just walking around. This is the biggest area in the mission and the only area in the Highlands that DOESN'T HAVE A CAR. So it takes forever to go any where or do anything. The town center and the church are both a half hour walk from the flat. But it is nice up here and it will be really fun. Love you Guys and miss you.  

Here is more information I found out while I e-mailed back and forth with him . . . 

Elder Carter is a really cool guy. We seem to be getting along really well. I'm going on exchanges with Elder Rogers this week but I will be driving cause I need the practice cause we will be stealing their car to go on exchanges with the Zone Leaders in Aberdeen before we go see Elder Holland.

We will be going down to Aberdeen Thursday and then on Friday the whole Zone is driving down to Edinburgh to have a Scotland east conference and then on Saturday is the meeting with Elder Holland. Then Monday is Zone development so we will be emailing on Tuesday next week. 

I found his address on Google street view maps and I think this is his flat in Inverness.


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