Monday, June 15, 2015

June 15, 2015

Here is Mason's e-mail from today . . . 

Elder Carter is really cool he is a real hard worker we get along pretty well so things are going good.So this week has has been really tiring. After emailing I went up to Thurso and the Elder I was with was the one who crashed the car in Edinburgh so after going back to the flat to get some stuff I told him I'm driving and drove for the rest of the day. And that is kinda what it ended up being we just drove most of the day. 

Wednesday we exchanged back and then we went to see a less active and her boyfriend who isn't a member and they have fried their brains so much but she wants to come back to church so we will be working with them. Then we went and got changed into service clothes and went to a member family's house. These members, the Martin-Thiers, are really cool all but two of their 7 kids are teenagers so we get along really well with that family. At their house they have a tennis court but it was crazy overgrown when they moved in and we have been helping them clear it out and it is crazy. So we worked on that for a few hours then had dinner with them and went to the church and had a correlation meeting with the Bishop. That finished up that day.

Thursday We had a lot of plans fall through so we ended up doing weekly planing and then doing a district leader study so elder Carter can plan district meeting. Then we went and saw a less active. Not much for Thursday

Friday We went to a members house and did some hard lumberjack service at his house (he is really a lumberjack). He has been clearing a lot of trees that fell down in the woods not to far from his house. We moved around six tons of logs that day. It was hard work but really fun. Then after finishing there we went to the young women's camp that was going on to do a fireside there. We ran out of time for it but it was still lots of fun. We ended up helping in setting up the tents and building the fire. So it was a really good day.

Saturday we did some service at a charity shop in town. Then we went to the church and Elder Carter did some more district leader stuff. Then we went and had dinner at Bishop's house they are awesome. Bishop asked us for our parents numbers so he could call and tell you guys about us. But my mind blanked on your cell number so I gave him our home number but you guys obviously weren't home so you may be getting a call some time from the Inverness bishop. Then we did some member visits with Bishop and got McFlurys at McDondalds. 

Sunday after church we went and had an early dinner with the wards young mens president and his wife. They only recently got married and are still pretty young so we get along really well with them. We ended up hanging out at their place for a little while, they currently live with his older brother and his house is awesome. The front window looks out onto loch Ness. Then when we got back to the flat me and Elder Carter weren't felling the best - we think it was because had too much sugar - so we ended up staying in the rest of the day. 

And then for today some members will be taking us to see Loch Ness so there will be some cool pictures next week and a video of me drinking from Loch Ness. Love and miss you guys.

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