Monday, January 11, 2016

January 11, 2016

Mason has been gone 16 months now and it looks like his release date will probably be August 17. So even though he has only been gone 16 months he will home in a little over 7 months. They had to change some transfer dates to match the new MTC schedule that is starting in March so that moved up his release date a little. So here is the e-mail he sent today . . . 

We saw the Ewarts this week and it went really good. The Newtons we haven't been able to get a hold of so we may just need to go and try by them sometime, The Glanvilles have had a lot of things going on so we haven't been able to see them for the last few weeks. 

So this week, Tuesday we had district meeting which was pretty good. I took some book marks I made (with the leatherworking stuff I sent him for Christmas) and gave them to the district and the Zone Leaders and they really liked them. Then we just did some finding the rest of the day.

Wednesday was pretty much all finding again so nothing much happened that day.

Thursday we went on exchanges. I was down in Dundee with our district leader, we did some finding in the morning and found a cool brother and sister who seemed pretty interested. Then we got taken to lunch by some members, who I found out are the in-laws of the Bishop in Inverness so that was really cool. Then we had another lesson with this one guy and then it was a few try bys and then back to the flat for dinner. 

Friday after exchanging back we had a meeting with our new ward mission leader, who is doing great. Then we went to see a less active who was asleep then we took a combined lunch and dinner hours then went to Brechin. We did some finding out there and then went to the Ewarts. We started off by teaching a bit about the atonement since Allen had some questions about some verses in the Book of Mormon. Then we talked about the first vision again and went over it in some more detail and said that he will get his answer, then he said he knew they would get an answer and Ireani said she has her answer and is just waiting for him. So it was a really good lesson and we will be seeing them this Friday with the Bishop so it will be really good.

Saturday we did some service at British Heart then we had lunch and then we went and did some try bys for potentials Elder Johnson and Elder Parsons found on exchanges. Then we went by William and Shannon but they weren't in. Then we went back and prepared for some training we have to give at Zone Interview Training. We have to give twenty minutes of instruction on "Teach People Not Lessons."

Sunday after church we went and did some finding on the way back to the flat and once we got back to the flat Elder Johnson got a migraine so we just stayed in. So that was our week. Love and miss you guys. 

Here are a couple of pictures that Elder Johnson took and his mom posted on Facebook - 


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