Monday, January 25, 2016

January 25, 2016

Hey Mom - The Ewarts are still doing really good, they came to church this week which was awesome. No luck seeing the Newtons or William and Shannon we will see what happens this week. It feels like ages since the last moves call, but this next move is going to fly by so fast. It will be cool to see who my next companion is. 

This week not too much happened. Tuesday it was mainly finding, but we had dinner at one of the members. They had one of their daughters and a grandson over and it was a fun night. Wednesday not too much happened before we had to go to the worldwide missionary broadcast. Once we got down to Dundee we met up with our district leader and his companion and walked from the bus station to the church. We got there about a half hour before everyone else so we just waited outside the church. Once everyone showed up we got it all working. It was a really good broadcast, and they talked about how important it is that our investigators are truly converted and how important the Holy Ghost is in that. After the broadcast it took us about an hour and a half to make it back to Montrose cause we had to take a different bus that took a longer route so it was about 9:30 when we made it back. 

Thursday it was weekly planning than we went to Arbroath and did some finding, then we went to our ward mission leader's house for dinner and had a meeting with him. Our new ward mission leader is the Bishop's father-in-law, and he is really funny. 

Friday it was another finding day until we went to the Ewarts with our ward mission leader and his wife. We had a really good lesson about the temple and they started asking questions about what it looked like even asking what kind of chairs were in the temple. Then they told us about how they both had dreams in different rooms in the temple. Also during the lesson they kept on saying how they know they need to get baptized they just aren't sure when so we will keep talking to them about that. 

Saturday we started off by going to British Heart then we went to a member's house in a small town called Letham for lunch. It was really fun! The husband has a few birds of prey like hawks and falcons as well as an owl, and I got some pictures. It was really cool seeing and getting to hold the birds. We then went back to Montrose and did some finding, then we had to go to the church for something, then had dinner. 

Sunday the Ewarts came to church as said above and the whole ward loves them! A few were asking when they where going to get baptized and they said they just need to figure out when they were going to get baptized. Then after church we went to do some finding around the church before going to the old bishop's house for lunch and we ended up chapping a flat where a guy was cleaning up. When we started talking to him he told us that the flat wasn't a place we wanted to be, turns out he was cleaning up from a murder that happened in the flat. After that we just went right over for lunch. Then after we did some finding and some paperwork and had dinner. So that was our week, it was a really good week mainly cause of the Ewarts. Love and miss you guys.

Here are the pictures with the birds of prey they saw at the member's house.

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