Monday, January 18, 2016

January 18, 2016

Hey Mom here is how my week has been. Tuesday we spent the whole day in Dundee for the Zone Interview Training which was good. But after we pretty much only had time for dinner when we got back to Montrose. We actually didn't have to give the training in ZIT cause the zone leaders called every other team as well and told them they were training and then they just picked who was giving it. 
Wednesday we tried by some potentials Elder Johnson and one of the other missionaries, Elder Parsons, got when they were on exchanges. Both fell through but we saw one of them as we were talking to people on the high street so we should be seeing her sometime soon. Then it was some more finding all day until we went over the first counselor in the bishopric's for dinner. That was good they are pretty funny. 

Thursday we went on exchanges and I was up here with Elder Parsons and it was pretty much an all day finding day. We got let in by this one Polish guy. He kept going off about different things that disprove things from the scriptures. Like he said that with the parting of the Red Sea that it was because of the continents moving and there for had nothing to do with God, and then he mentioned how some kind of DNA studies disprove the resurrection. So yea we tried to teach him a bit but whenever we tried to say something he would just steamroll over us and go on about something else, and because of his accent I could only understand about half of what he was saying. So that was the most exciting part of that day. 

Friday we exchanged back and did some finding until 6:00 when we went over to the bishop's for dinner. Bishop and his family are so cool I love going over there. But then we went and saw the Ewarts which went really good, we went through the Articles of Faith with them and explained some things to them. But the coolest thing was Allen started reading the Book of Mormon and in less then a week got halfway through 2 Nephi. Allen said that he can't say enough good things about the church so they are doing really well. 

Saturday we did service at British Heart in the morning. Then did some finding not much happened there but we missed our bus to Arborath to go to a dinner appointment in a small town. So we waited for the next bus and then we waited for another bus to the small town which never showed up so we weren't able to get to the member's house. But she was cool with it. After that we went back to the flat and had dinner. 

Sunday after church we had a meeting with our new ward mission leader, then went over to the old bishop's for lunch then went and weekly planned since we were on exchanges on Thursday. So that was our week. Also on February 16th I hit my slump day or my six months to go mark. Love and miss you guys.

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