Monday, February 1, 2016

February 1, 2016

Here is the e-mail (and pictures) we got from Mason today!

So I am staying in Montrose and my new companion will be Elder Scharman. I've never met him before and I really don't know anything about him. Also Elder Barton (from Cottonwood) will be my zone leader again. Elder Johnson should be going to Edinburgh on Tuesday but we may need to go to Dundee and stay the night there. It is really cool that Bryn is getting her mission papers all in but just remember Mom  the glass is half full - by the time Bryn leaves I'll only have 3-4 months left. 
So this week nothing too exciting happened the first half. Although we did go over to our bishop's house for dinner and he plays the card game Magic so we had a few games with him and his second oldest daughter. It was really fun although I got beaten so bad by bishop every game - he beat me before I could do anything. Thursday Elder Johnson was packing for almost the whole day. Then we went and had dinner with the ward mission leader, and that was it. 
Friday our district leader Elder Benton insisted on going on exchanges, so we exchanged in the morning and we went out with Brother Crawford, the ward mission leader, to go see some less actives. Then it was finding until the Ewarts. They are doing really well and they now have a framed Family Proclamation and said they completely agree with every thing in it. We didn't get too much teaching time because there was another older couple and they talked a lot and Elder Benton was mostly drawing with Vincent and Ramsey, but still good. 
Saturday we exchanged back and Elder Johnson needed to do a final round of things to get for his family so we went to the tartan shop here in Montrose, where I found a nice ex-hire vest for 20 pounds so that was a really good deal. Now all I need is the jacket, flashes, and knife and I'll have a complete kilt outfit. Then we went over to the church to help set up for Burns night (Burns night is a holiday that commemorates the life of the famous poet Robert Burns). Burns night was really fun I wore the vest I got and my Scott tartan tie. I got some videos of Brother Glanville piping in the haggis and Brother Crawford doing the salute to the haggis, good luck understanding it. The Ewarts came and had a great time, it was just really fun and Really SCOTTISH.  
Sunday after church we went over to the former bishop's house for lunch and after that Elder Johnson continued packing. So that was it for this week. Love and miss you guys
Here are some pictures from the Burns night party at the Montrose ward . . . 
Mason's new vest and his Scott tartan tie - ready for the Burns night ward party


The traditional Burns night supper is haggis, neeps, and tatties (neeps is some kind of mashed turnip kind of vegetable) and tatties is mashed potatoes)

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