Monday, February 29, 2016

February 29, 2016

This is Mason's e-mail from today - he is getting transferred! And, next Monday, March 7th is Mason's 21st birthday so I am sure he would appreciate hearing from anyone who has a minute to write to him before next week and wish him a happy birthday!! (His e-mail is

Well I am moving back up to the Highlands but I'm going to the most northern part of mainland Scotland - Thurso. Also they are getting the dream team back together I'M GOING TO BE WITH ELDER KINVILLE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!! (Elder Kinville was his companion for one transfer when he was in Dublin). Which also means I will be going on exchanges in Inverness so I will get to see all the members there. We will have to see if we can talk the district leader into letting me have my birthday in Inverness because I think there really isn't that much up in Thurso. The Ewarts are sad that I am leaving I called them last night and told them and Allen said he was hoping I could baptize him. It is really crazy how little time I have left it is going to go by so fast!

So any way this week on Tuesday we had district meeting it was really cool we had three districts all together for a big district meeting. Then the district leader and his companion came up to Montrose and blitzed the area with us. Me and the DL went to Arbroath and just did finding all day. 

Wednesday we spent most of the day trying by people. Then we went and had dinner with a member family then we went and saw the Stewarts who are a less active couple who are really nice. 

Thursday we went to Arbroath and went by formers all day long.

Friday, we did some weekly planing and went back to Arbroath to teach another less active named Joseph who is interesting. Then we did some more try bys. And then went and saw the Ewarts we had a really good lesson with them, we will also be seeing them tomorrow morning before I leave. 

Saturday we did our service at British Heart and the manager bought me a birthday cake just in case I got moved and wouldn't be there for my birthday. Then it was off to Arbroath again (yes I know we go to Arbroath a lot) and went and saw a member who just doesn't retain anything so we have started to teach him. Then Elder Scharman was just super tired because of some new medication he is taking and so he called Sister Donaldson and then took a nap the rest of the day. 

Sunday we had church and then after that we went and tried by more formers until we got our moves call then we went back and packed. So that was us. Love and miss you guys!
As Mason said, the town he is going to, Thurso, is the northernmost town in the United Kingdom. He said there is a branch in Thurso - all of his other areas have had wards. Oh, and I forgot the best part - it is an area with a car! He was pretty happy about that . . . and the fact that he is back in the Aberdeen zone and will probably be able to go on some exchanges back in Inverness! And he found out the district leader for his district is Elder Perkins who was one of his companions in Cumbernauld almost a year ago and he is excited to see him. He will leave Wednesday morning for his new area. Here are a few pictures of Thurso that I found from Google images -

This is a map so you can see how far north he really is - right now he is in the Dundee zone so he has a little ways to travel. Mason thinks all of his areas have been bigger than Bryn's whole mission and he is probably right!

Castle of Thurso

Thurso Town Centre

The main street in Thurso

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