Monday, February 22, 2016

February 15 and 22, 2016

There were some problems with MyLDSMail last week so Mason sent an e-mail but we never received it. So today he sent the e-mail from last week again and another short message for this week.

February 15, 2016

This week was alright. Tuesday we went to British Heart because we were supposed to go on exchanges on Saturday and there is a new rule that we are now only to go and work in the leaders area for exchanges. Then after lunch we went to Arbroath to try by some less actives none of them were in and then we did some GQing on the high street, and that was the day.

Wednesday we did some finding in the morning and early afternoon, then we had dinner with the second counselor in the bishopric. Then we went to a little town north of Montrose called St. Cyrus and went by some more less actives both were in and we had a chat with them so it was alright. 

Thursday We did some weekly planing in the morning then we had to go down to Edinburgh since Elder Scharman had a doctors appointment so that was the whole day. 

Friday we went to Arbroath and saw a less active named Joseph it was alright he is old and a bit crazy. Then on the bus back from Arbroath we got a call from our district leader cancelling exchanges because there was an emergency move, I don't know why, so now we are going on exchanges tomorrow. We also got to see William and Shannon, they moved in with her parents which is just to crazy to go and teach so we more then likely not be seeing them again tell they move out. Then we weren't able to see the Ewarts this week because they got sick. So we finished off the day by going through the area book. 

Saturday since we didn't have exchanges we went and did service at British Heart then we went to Arbroath and did finding out there and tracted into this one girl who we are going to see today. Then we came back and had dinner.

Sunday after church we went to the Stronachs for lunch. Then we went through the area book. We also did a little video on how we celebrated Valentines day so I will put that on the Dropbox. So that was our week, love and miss you guys.   

This is the link to the Valentine's Day video they made -  

February 22, 2016

This week nothing too exciting happened - just a lot of less active try bys and lessons. Elder Shcarman likes working with less actives so that is mostly what we have been doing. We saw the Ewarts and they said they were thinking maybe April for their baptism so I might be gone for that, we will just have to see what next week brings. But they are still doing really good, they did talk about how they are a bit worried about the time commitment of callings and all that but they know it will all get sorted out. Sorry this one is a bit short but their isn't too much really going on right now other then finding and going by less actives. But we did go to the Arbroath Abbey last week and took plenty of pictures. Love and miss you guys. 

Here are some of the pictures from the Arbroath Abbey. Arbroath Abbey, in the Scottish town of Arbroath, was founded in 1178 by King William the Lion for a group of Tironensian Benedictine monks from Kelso Abbey. he Abbey, which was the richest in Scotland, is most famous for its association with the 1320 Declaration of Arbroath. They are wearing monk robes they have at the abbey.

This is just a random picture with some horses they saw - 

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